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 Advanced Diagnostic Solutions

The Aurora Life Science team is dedicated to bringing you a set of unique and innovative clinical laboratory services for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of complex diseases.

Autoimmune Panels

Aurora Life Sciences provides a unique, high technology solution for testing multiple autoimmune markers simultaneously.  Our  Autoimmune Panels can provide a broad look into an individual's immune system physiology by testing for key auto-antibodies that may be present in blood. No other diagnostic testing laboratory can provide results on this broad spectrum of autoimmune markers. Order your Autoimmune Screen today.

Food Sensitivity / Food Allergy Panels

Food Sensitivity & Allergy Panels provide a broad series of tests for possible sources of inflammation, irritation, and sensitivity toward various foods.  The panels check for levels of IgG and IgE antibodies in patient serum against the major proteins present in foods.  A higher than normal concentration of these antibodies can be indicative of gastrointestinal sensitivity toward certain foods or an immediate allergic reaction from contact with certain substances in foods. For a table of all food types tested in these panels, see our comprehensive list.

An Innovative Diagnostic Testing Center for Healthy Living

Health and Wellness

Many research studies have indicated that poor lifestyle choices can lead to fatigue and even chronic disease, while healthy lifestyles can promote health and wellness.  Our innovative Wellness Panels combined with our Functional Health Report can help you understand what's happening inside your body and lead you back on the path to health and well being.

Holistic Approach to Health

Many factors in your life can directly affect the biological processes within your body – both good and bad. These may include the degree to which you lead an active or sedentary life, stress levels, what you choose to eat, how much rest you get, and what you come into contact with in the environment.  Helping you understand these factors through unique clinical testing is our specialty.

 Diagnostic Tests to Understand Your Body

How you feel is often the result of complex biochemical processes occurring within your body.  These processes can get out of balance and make you feel run down or actually cause disease. Aurora Life Sciences offers a unique set of diagnostic tests that you can use to identify what may be wrong to bring you back to health.  Don't delay in getting the information you need to improve your health - order your tests today